If you do not already have a guitar, you may want to use one of my guitars in your first lesson, to see which is most suitable – steel string acoustic, nylon string classical acoustic or electric guitar. 
However on an ongoing basis, you do need to have your own guitar on which to practice outside of lessons. There is a good selection of guitar shops in Bristol, with prices for budget classical guitars starting at around £50, electric and steel string acoustic at around £200. 


I will advise you of an appropriate guitar shop during the course of your lesson. 


Amplifiers for electric Guitar lessons 
In my teaching room is an amplifier for both electric guitar and electric bass, which pupils may use in lessons. Pupils may wish to bring their own amplifier to the first lesson to discuss which settings will give the best sounds. 
I have been having guitar lessons with Dave for a year. He's taught me lots of different styles, such as pop, folk and blues. He has taught me songs I have wanted to learn how to play. 
Brilliant guitar teacher. I have had lessons for 18 months and I can really see how Dave has planned his sequence of lessons to improve my understanding and technique. He is a very patient teacher and clearly explains concepts. Would definitely recommend! 
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